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Chebeague Island

Great Chebeague Island is the Largest island in Casco Bay. It's some five miles long and three miles across, covering over 2800 acres. At low tide Great Chebeague is connected to Little Chebeague by a sand spit. Both islands have beautiful beaches.

Chebeague Island has been a popular spot for outings for hundreds of years. Huge piles of centuries old clam and oyster shells are evidence that Native Americans enjoyed their clambakes as much as we do today.

Chebeague Island is accessible by ferry about seven and a helf miles from Portland, docking in Chandler Cove, and from Cousins Island, Yarmouth. There's plenty to do on Chebeague from golfing to fishing excursions. There are inns, cottages and boarding houses, also boat rentals.

As with other islands of Casco Bay, a moderate size winter community blossoms in the summer months. Chebeague Island became it's own independent town on July 1, 2007 when it seceded from the Town of Cumberland. Doughty's Island Market is located in "The Center" and is a full service grocery store. The Chebeague Inn has a restaurant which serves fine meals inside or on the deck overlooking the water.